The MOOD platform

An epidemic intelligence toolbox to monitor disease outbreaks for disease surveillance

The MOOD project (MOnitoring Disease Outbreaks) is dedicated to enhancing epidemic intelligence by promoting the early detection, confirmation, evaluation, and exploration of potential public health threats through a comprehensive approach. This approach combines the use of structured data from standard surveillance mechanisms with unstructured data from a wide range of sources.

The MOOD GeoNetwork holds detailed metadata for both disease and covariate data, with a select portion readily available on the MOOD Core platform.
This setup guarantees open access to a variety of data sources via an easy-to-use interface, facilitating the platform's role in managing epidemic intelligence effectively.

Access the data and tools

Learn more about the MOOD case studies

The project's advancements are showcased through six case studies, each spearheaded by experts in the field.
These case studies are closely associated with specific diseases.

Overview of the tools